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Just go to the DIY page on our website, and follow the steps: 1 - Print the Mobeybou elements on
Jara, Kauê, Mira, Julong, and their friends travelled around the world to meet each other
Paper Ladder, is an Evaluation Tool for Children that supports Embodied Actions, providing an insight into their cognitive processes
We are happy to share that our seminar/workshop on Digital literacy, multimodality and interculturality in the school curriculum: theories and
BEST APP The Mobeybou apps integrated the three finalists for BEST APP at the comKids festival, one of the most
It was a pleasure to host Michael Schlauch from the University of Bolzano || Italy Doing research that relates to
In the scope of her Master Venicy has carried out field work in Cape Verde with the Mobeybou in Cape