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Mobeybou in Cape Verde


Join Luana and Marcelo on a journey through Cape Verde, discover the different islands and learn about Cape Verdean culture in this interactive book! Throughout the reading, you will be able to interact with different elements of the story while learning more about the characters and their journey. You will cook a traditional cachupa, explore the depth of the sea and help Luana and Marcelo unravel a mystery. 


Mobeybou in Brazil

Follow  Iara and Kauê’s  adventures in Brazil, visit the different regions of the country, meet incredible animals and have fun with Brazilian traditions, in this digital book with 11 pages of gorgeous illustrations, lively animations, and catchy music!

Mobeybou in India

Follow the adventures of Meera and Rajesh in India, meet their new friends and help them face their fears! Throughout this digital book, you will build a pungi, explore a forest, help Hati jump over obstacles and make Meera and Rajesh play music and dance!